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5 Things You Must Do At The Niagara Falls

October 12, 2017

Niagara Falls

Ontario, Canada

43.0896° N, 79.0849° W

The Niagara Falls is the name for three waterfalls the border USA and Canada.  The three falls are the American Falls, The Bridal Veil Falls and the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. 

1. Hornblower Cruise

Grab your red poncho and take the Hornblower Cruise to see the falls up close and personal. The cruise takes your along the Niagara River going past the American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls and into the heart of the impressive Canadian Horseshoe Falls.  This is a fun and very wet experience like no other. 

2. Helicopter

Take to the sky on a helicopter tour and see the waterfalls from a different perspective. You really get to see just how big and impressive the beauty of the falls is.

3. Dine with a view of the Falls

Try and bag yourself a window seat so you can eat your meal looking out at the falls. As the day fades int night, the falls light up such beautiful colours of the rainbow. It again gives a different perspective and feel to seeing the falls.

Elements Restaurant 

4. Fireworks Show

Every night at 10pm during July and August there is a Firework show over the Falls. It lasts about 8 minutes and watching the vibrant colours explode in the dark sky above the lit up Falls is definitely a bucket list moment.

5. Visit Clifton Hills

Clifton Hills dubbed the world famous street of fun. Niagara falls is quiet a peaceful place so Clifton Hills is the perfect place to head for a splash of vibrant colour and noise. Ride the ferris wheel or head to a bar, I would describe it as a mini Las Vegas in Canada.

Bonus Point. Winery Niagara on the Lake

Niagara on the Lake has many wineries to visit. Find out how wine is made and sample some exclusive wine. I visited Jackson Triggs Winery and it is a very impressive set up. I am a wine drinker but by no means a expert but I love the knowledge of the staff who took their time to explain about the wine we were sampling and what to pair it with.

Pro & Cons to a Instagram Pod

May 22, 2017

I love instagram, its my favourite social media platform but recently I'm being frustrated with it. From the new algorithm, follow/un-follow tactic to the automated comments that have no relevance to the post (I had a comment saying i'm suited to their page, it was a mens fashion account) It's just impossible to grow your instagram. Now I'm not looking to be insta famous but when I put so much effort into a photo for it to not reach people, it can be disheartening.

So i've joined a few Comment Pods and I'm still not too sure how i feel about them. So firstly if you are wondering what the heck a pod is? it is a way for bloggers who have a similar niche connect and support each other. They'll start a DM group, usually between 10-15 members and you share you photo to the group, each member will then like and leave a comment.

My photos are averaging around 15 comments which is a major boost on the 2 i use to get, so i can see a huge engagement boost.

Some comments seems a little forced and I have felt pressured into forcing a comment because I felt i needed to return the favour.

My following has increased since joining comment pods because we tend to follow each other to make it easier and offer support.

I am spending a lot of time commenting on just the accounts in my pod that i don't have the energy or motivation to scroll through my feed and leave comments on other people's accounts.

A lot of people join the pod and soon become inactive or leave, once they've gotten the new followers.  

As you can see the cons outweigh the pros, I think initially it seems like a good idea but a comment pod is not a long term solution. 

What are you thoughts on Instagram Comment Pods?

10 things to know about Iceland and Photo Diary

March 05, 2017

Iceland, home of the Northern Lights, Blue Lagoon and unpredictable weather. 

Ever since I saw pictures of the Blue Lagoon and the Northern Lights I knew that Iceland was one for my travel list. I booked a solo tour (i'll make a post about doing them soon) last minute and made my way to Iceland. When I arrived it literally was the Land of Ice, all covered in white soft snow and very picturesque. 

Here's 8 Things to know about Iceland if you're thinking of heading.
1. Iceland is not for the budget traveller at all. A pint will set you back around £12.
2. Don't take a taxi from the airport. Book the flybus its 5000 ISK which is around £37. Book the flybus plus and it can take you to your hotel and pick up on departure too. It is reliable and it managed to pick me up and get me to the airport in the record breaking 52cm snow. So big thanks to them!!!!
3. Don't bother exchanging too much cash. You can use your card for nearly everything and it is actually encouraged. You might only need cash for tips, tolls etc. 
4. Alcohol cannot be found in supermarkets, it must be bought in a liquor store. It is however sold in bars, restaurants and cafes. Also note the drinking age is 20 in Iceland.
5. The water might smell like sulphur because of the geothermal energy but its totally safe to drink, just run the tap for a while. Therefore don't buy bottled water, just bring a refillable bottle and top it up. 
6. Plan but be open to change. The weather in Iceland is so unpredictable that plans change very last minute. Whilst I was in Iceland it was a snow storm with high winds and pelting rain, all excursions were called off. So plans had to change. Don't let it ruin the trip, this gave us chance to explore more of the city. 
7. Don't expect to see the Northern Lights. I went with the hope of being lucky to see them but as I mentioned the weather was bad and all trips were cancelled. If you do manage to spot them make sure you have a DSLR Camera as the lights can not be captured on a phone camera. 
8. Blue Lagoon is a must. Yes its probably overpriced and over crowded but no trip to Iceland is complete without a Blue Lagoon trip. One to tick off the Bucket List. Bring a go pro for epic photo footage.
9. Check out the impressive Harpa Building and Saga Museum (you can dress up as a Viking)
10. In summer Iceland has about 22 hours of daylight and little daylight in the winter so take the into consideration. 

Where is next on your travel list?

10 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Love

February 14, 2017

"You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people"

I don't usually give Valentine's day any attention and not for any particular reason, I just prefer to try and give love any opportunity I can. 
However this year I have decided to practice more self love, I tend to go about and do things for others a lot of the time and I neglect myself.
So I'm stepping up my game to love myself through out this whole year, with these 10 steps. 
1. Having breakfast in bed one day a week
2. Taking a long walk
3. Having a long bubble bath using the expensive bubbles and oils
4. Carrying on with my yoga classes
5.Treating myself on payday (not expensive, just little pick me up treats)
6. Having a luxury lie in once a week
7. Wear the pretty underwear
8. Have a tech free day
9. Learning to say No
10. De-clutter my room once a month

"Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind, Body and Spirt"

 photo kellysig.png

5 Things to do at the Grand Canyon

January 30, 2017
Taking a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon was amazing, Hiking the Grand Canyon was breathtaking - literally breathtaking and seeing the sunset over the Grand Canyon was the most serene experience I have had.  

Standing on the edge looking out at the Grand Canyon, you realise just how incredible the world is and just how small we are. I had a little moment whilst sitting watching the sunset, all the tiny insignificant worries are just that - tiny. There's so much beauty in the world and we focus on the negative, the Grand Canyon really does make you think about living in the moment and finding your place in this enormous world. 

The Grand Canyon attracts over 5 million visitors a year and it's easy to see why. Im sure it's a must on countless bucket lists. 

5 Things to Do at the Grand Canyon

1. Capture the Grandeur in a Photograph -
Get that iconic shot with the Canyon in the background.

2. Hike The Grand Canyon - 

3.  Gaze at the Stars - 
Whilst i was at the Grand Canyon there was a star party, where there are telescopes set up and you can use them and spot out the planets. I saw jupiter and saturn. 

4. Take a helicopter ride - 
honestly the easiest way to view the canyon without having to break a sweat. 

5. See the sunrise/sunset 
Truly amazing experience!

Saying Yes

January 02, 2017

"A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there"

I spent the first quarter of 2016 spending a lot of time on my own, whilst I found it important and just what I needed, I don't want to spend 2017 that way. That's why I'm making more of an effort to be a "yes to new adventures" person. I booked a solo trip around west coast America with other solo travellers in June and it was a completely spontaneous idea. As cheesy as it sounds, I had the time of my life and really didn't want to go home. I met new people from over all over the world, saw new places, done things I never imagined i would; such as hot air ballooning over Arizona and hiking the Grand Canyon. 
I got stuck into that work/sleep repeat mode and it wasn't particularly exciting but it was a comfortable routine and I felt safe. However I wasn't experiencing life and whilst work is and important factor to fund life, it doesn't nurture your emotional and life growth, something I felt I was lacking. Therefore in 2017 I'm opening myself up to more opportunities and a chance to meet new people. So if you're reading this and want to talk, email me.
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