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Thursday, 29 September 2011

I am really wanting to decorate my bedroom, i have had my room the same for many years and I feel that I need a change. However because i'm so indecisive I can't decide on what to do. So i've been trawling through the internet looking a pretty bedrooms, wishing I had many rooms so i can decorate each one differently and then there is no need to be indecisive. 

I like all these rooms, especially the last two with the sea view. However i don't think this scenic view room would work well in a house in Manchester. 
When I do get round to decorating I think I might go with the first image, the room is simple and not over the top. 

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  1. I absolutely love the first and the third picture, they are just bright but simple, and have a vintage feel to them :-) Plus the first one had that same colouring and floral tree pattern in my uni room, it was just really nice to come home to after a long day!

    Steph x


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