Nail Rave

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Nail Rave is a nail polish by La Femme Beauty in Electric Blue 31.

  • It is such a beautiful colour and I don't think the photos do it justice and the colour it appears in the bottle is how it looks on the nail, which doesn't happen often. It is the colour of a Wotsits Crisp Packet (If you wanted to visualize it). 
  • The application of this polish was very easy, the consistency is very smooth and glides on the nail with ease.  
  • It has a beautiful shine with out top coat, which makes the nails eye catching. I think I love this colour so much because it is one of my favourite colours. 
  • I have had this colour on for 5 days now and it has only just started to chip, which is good, especially for the price.
  • I have never used La Femme Beauty Nail Polish but I am pleasantly surprised with this and I will definitely try more.
You can purchase La Femme Beauty Polish from Gorgeous Hair and Beauty for £0.99

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