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Thursday, 13 October 2011

I have been a massive fan of Aussie products for a long time. My mum is a regular user of their products and therefore it led me into using their products. 

The first thing that attracted me was the gorgeous scent that the products give off. It makes your hair and the bathroom smell yummy. You just know when someone has used their products. 
Secondly the sleek and stylish packaging makes the products look great and you want to put them on show in the bathroom and not hide them in the cabinet, with the undesirable products.  

Last month I entered a Aussie competition (and won) on Katy's Blog RottenOtter's Thoughts, to win a Aussie Summer Pack. Aussie are celebrating their anniversary, cleverly named 'Aussie-versary'. I had a choice to pick a product from one of their three range. I chose Luscious Long Shampoo. The package arrive and I was so excited, inside was; 
Luscious Long Shampoo 
Aussie Flip Flops
Popping Candy (Amazing)
Party Poppers and Heart Sparkler. (Equally Amazing)

I find it hard to find a decent shampoo for my hair, a lot of products tend to make my hair go greasy and flat within one day but i can honestly say Aussie is the perfect product for my hair (Along with Pantene Aqua Light, shhhh!)

I love my package and my hair is Aussie Yummy everyday.
Thank you to Katy at RottenOtter's Thoughts and to Aussie, 
Happy Aussie-versary!! 

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