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Saturday, 8 October 2011

1. How long have you been blogging for and why?
I have been blogging for just over 18 months. I started because I have a huge passion for clothes, makeup, hair and other girly things and had nowhere to vent my love. The boyfriend would roll his eyes, my friends didn't get the difference between a Mulberry and a Hermes and I needed someone to talk to.

2. Reason behind your blog name?
Well I'm Lauren Loves ( and it's a blog about me (Lauren) and everything I see and love!

3. What do you think makes a good blog?
Lots of clear pictures (find the macro button on your camera girls), information about the product you're reviewing which comes from experience and testing. Lots of details and lots of your own personality.

4. What is the Best and Worst thing about blogging?
The best thing is the community - I love the other bloggers I have "met" and have great relationships with them which makes blogging so rewarding. The worst thing is the competative nature though - I hate that some girls get jealous and bitch openly on Twitter about other bloggers.

5. Who are your favourite bloggers?
I have so many! I love Vivianna Does Makeup, Hey Gorgeous ( Big Fashionista for telling it like it is, Blah Blah Becky for being an amazing member of the community. I follow hundreds of blogs and have a fab interactive blog roll which you can add yourselves to. (

6. What can we expect to see on Lauren Loves in the future?
More of the same - crimes of fashion, makeup and beauty reviews, outfits and hair ideas, the science behind beauty products and other great (so I think!) articles

7. Outside of blogging what is your day job?
I work as a Psychologist with people who've had brain injuries through car crashes, stroke and medical reasons. It's a tough job but I LOVE it!

8. Who are your style inspirations?
I love feminie icons - Rachel Bilson, Lauren Conrad. Girls who know who to work a skirt and a nipped in waist but also wear jeans and know the importance of a good handbag.

9. Words you live by?
Tell those you love how you feel, it might be your last chance.

Now Some Random Questions!

10. Are you a morning person?
Definitely, but getting out of bed is still a struggle.

11. Are you a collector of anything?
Not really. Pretty dresses?

12. What famous person do people say you look like?
I always get told I look like Delta Goodrem (and old school reference for you guys there). More recently kids I work with tell me I look like Ellie Goulding with a smaller nose!

13. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Eyes  and stubble - I love a tall, dark handsome man with a bit of stubble. Think Jake Gyllenhaal!

14. Do you consider yourself a clean or messy person?
I'm clean but I'm  untidy. There may be clothes scattered all over my room but it's clean and there's no dirty cups/clothes!

15. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Living in the house I bought last week (see my newest blog for pictures and my diary of turning my home from shabby to chic) hopefully have got onto and completed the doctorate I desperately want to do and be living with my finished university partener with our Welsh Terrier called Gary (which doesn't exist yet, but we talk about frequently!)

Thank You Lauren for taking the time to answer the questions. Be sure to check out Lauren's Blog and her Home Blog. I hope you get Gary the Welsh Terrier one day!!

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