Saturday, 1 October 2011

I ordered some new iPhone cases and scored a right old bargain on ebay. I got three cases for £1.98!! I was unsure whether they would be bad quality or cheap looking but they are not and i am so pleased with them. I got Silver, Sky Blue and White.

I love a good curry and have at least one a week and this week was no different!!

I've been cinema twice and i love my cinema nibbles of Malteasers and Fruittellas. I saw Drive and Crazy, Stupid, Love, both of which star Ryan Gosling and now I have a Crazy, Stupid, Crush on him. Out of the two I would most definitely recommend Drive. It was beautifully shot and mesmerizing with some disturbing violence. Ryan Gosling is fantastic in this film. I am currently in the process of downloading the album. 

I'm not one for lighting candles in my bedroom as i'm scared my might set alight the house but I decided to unwind and light the vanilla scented candles.

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