I was browsing around on Etsy the other day when i came across these amazing tights, called the ombre tights. Now i'm sure you have all seen and heard about ombre hair and ombre nails, so it was only time that there was ombre clothing and now this has spread to ombre tights. (How many times can you say ombre in a sentence!)

Ombré tights is an eye catching, cute and fashionable way to incorporate a pop of colour into your outfit. A major plus is that these tights are slimming and make the legs appear longer due to the fading of colour.

I have searched to see if they can be purchased on the high street but at the moment they are only available at BZR Etsy Shop for £31.80, which for tights is rather expensive especially because I go through tights like there's no tomorrow, due to the ripping or laddering. There is a variety of ombré
colours to chose from and each item is hand dyed and made to order, which justifies the price. I am very tempted to purchase a pair of the black to grey ones.

If you are a crafty person them I have also found DIY Ombré tights courtesy of HelloBrit.com
I think this way is rather risky and messy for me to try as I feel it will only end in a disaster and a ruined pair of tights.

Would you purchase these tights? Or will you be DIY-ing it?