Day 11 Your Spring Essential

Friday, 11 May 2012

Day 11
My Spring Essentials

Denim Shorts 
As i have previously stated I love my shorts and during Spring/Sumer these denim shorts are worn at every opportunity. Although the weather has been pretty dreadful for a while so I haven't had chance to wear shorts only with tights. If the weather persists I might have to trade my shorts for an umbrella as being a Spring Essential. 

Nail polish
Models Own Golden Peach NP090
Barry M Mint Green
Barry M Bright Pink
W7 Sheer Mauve
My ultimate spring nails, they are the perfect colours and shades.

A light, fruity and floral scent, but not too over powering. A subtle and fresh scent for spring. Read my review here


  1. this is a really good pick -- cutoff shorts from old jeans are essential! if i didn't live in the nether regions of minnesota, i would wear cutoffs every. single. day.
    right now i'm trying to work up the courage to dye my own pair of ombre shorts! i saw a nice little tutorial on someone elses blog. ha, i just don't want to end up ruining a perfectly good pair of shorts!


  2. DIY ombré shorts are a great idea. That is something I would like to do also but like you scared about messing up a good pair of shorts.


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