Day 19 & 20 (Weekend Double Post)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Article of jewellery that instantly makes you feel great.
Shoes you love but hardly wear.

I really should schedule weekend posts because I always forget due to weekends being jam packed.

Day 19: An article of jewellery that instantly make me feel great is my gold diamanté Guess Watch. I adore watches and wearing a watch just makes me feel put together, it's like the cherry on top of a cake. Especially because this watch is gold and sparkly.

Day 20: Shoes you love but hardly wear. 
This has to be my grey snake skin effect buckle flats. I love them so much but i just don't wear them that often. I'm not sure why, I think it's just that they rub my feet a little bit so not ideal for lots of walking. However I need to wear them more because there pretty.

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