Day 2, You Have The Most... May 31 Day Fashion Challenge

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Day 2: You have the most...

The first thing that came to me was, "you have a ridiculous amount of bracelets". I just can't help myself, I love the layered summer bracelet look and I am always on the hunt for new and unique bracelets. So if you know any website let me know.

I have a variety of bracelets from expensive to very cheap to hand made. I don't really have one place to store them all because I can't seem to fit them all in one place but this is a insight into one of my boxes. This box is from Urban Outfitters many years ago, it is pretty and sparkly, just what I like and perfect for storing some jewellery. Inside this one I mainly store layer bangles and some handmade items, they are all relatively cheap items in this box (Excluding the Pandora that is thrown in there) and to be honest I don't really wear them often. Currently I am wearing my charm bracelets or beaded bracelets more, which are in another box but it is rather messy and unorganised to show you.

That's is for day 2 and if you have taken part in this challenge leave your link below as i'd love to read your answers. If you want to participate the, you can find all the details here.

Challenge List Completed

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  1. i'm a bracelet junkie too! you have a great collection xxx


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