Day 22: A piece of jewellery that was a gift

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I am extremely lucky that I have many items or jewellery and clothing that was a gift.
I don't think I have ever bought myself any valuable jewellery (only costume jewellery) as it has always been gifted to me.

The two jewellery items that were gifts are my Pandora charm bracelet and my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet. I initially received the bracelets for my birthday and over the years people have bought me charms to go on the bracelets. The two bracelets are special and hold sentimental value as they are unique and by letting family and friends gift the charms, means that I get to keep their gift with me for years. I love charm bracelet and adding charms to them because every charm hold a special story or memory. If you are ever stuck for a gift to buy someone I would recommend a charm bracelet or if they have one, buy a charm. Perfect gift with a special meaning.

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