Day 29: Face of the day

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Face of the day: Products used for my natural everyday look
I haven't got a picture of my makeup as I forgot to take a photo before I took it off for the day. However I like my makeup to be light and natural, I just like to enhance rather than cover. Plus I find it such a effort to apply lots of products daily, so I applaud all you girls who love to apply makeup and look stunning. I feel like a clown with lots of makeup on.

Anyway the products I use daily one my face are;
1: Stila Oil free Tinted Moisturiser SPF 30
2: Dior Bronzer (well worn)
3: Carmex Lip Balm
4: L'Oreal Million Lashes
5: Benefit It Stick
6: Garnier Eye Roll On
7: Benefit Poise Tint

The Garnier roll on eye concealer is a lovely product, it refreshes your eye area, waking you up whilst concealing the dark circles. I prefer tinted moisturiser as it is much lighter in my skin and I love this Stila one. Perfect for me. I apply a little of bronzer to warm up my face and give me a healthy glow. I love really black lashes that stand out and I guess this is the only product I love to apply this of, I find the Million Lashes mascara really extends and draws attention to my lashes. For everyday I either wear Benefit Poise Tint to give a slight healthy pink tint to my lips or just a lip balm to stop flaky dry lips.

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  1. i always love seeing daily face posts -- it's so interesting to see what other beauty bloggers are using!
    unfortunately, i don't use any of these products so i can't really compare. but the posie tint looks really promising! it's actually been on my wishlist for awhile, now!
    take care my dear :)



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