Day 6 May Challenge. Something Out of your comfort zone but you love it

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Day 6
Something out of your comfort zone but you love it.

This was a difficult one and I have been thinking about it all day. The reason it is difficult is because I rarely buy things out of my comfort zone. I dress for comfort, I know what I like and don't take too many risks. Although blogging has broaden my ideas and is allowing my to slowing take mix up my style.

Anyway this item of clothing I chose was these floral culottes, I love my shorts and would wear them everyday if I could so when I saw these I thought they would be a good in between. They are definitely out of my comfort zone and are more floaty than I would like as I'm not really into floaty items. However they are beautiful, I adore the print and they are great to wear in the day or evenings.


  1. Those are lovely- I think they would be out of my comfort zone too! I bet they look very chic on.


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