Day 7 & 8 May Challenge

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I was unable to post yesterday so I am combining day 7&8 together.

Day 7
A Special Occasion Outfit
This one is extremely difficult as I don't really go to many special occasions and therefore don't own any special outfits. So I thought I'd show you an outfit I would wear if I was to attend a special occasion.
Semi sheer lightweight embellished dress. It is a suitable length, beautiful and flattering fit and very versatile for a number of occasions.

Day 8
Something you forget you have but love

My superdry check shorts, I adore them but unfortunately forget I have them as they are summer/beach shorts and as I live in England, more specifically Northern England, the need for these shorts are very slim. On the odd days the sun graces England with its presence, I always forget to put them on as they are stored away.

Once again if you are taking part in the challenge, let me know. I'd love to read your answers.


  1. I love the dress you picked out - totally something I would wear, very pretty.


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