Fashion Vouchers £50 Boohoo Challenge

Friday, 28 September 2012

Fashion Vouchers has set a challenge to put together a outfit from Boohoo with £50.
(You can find all details here, its closes pretty soon 30th Sept 2012).
 Now i'm not one who has expensive taste but it is pretty hard to buy an outfit with only £50 these days, your pretty lucky to buy one item in some shops. Anyway I have gladly accepted the challenge and below is my outfit. 
 boohoo £50 Challenge

I have gone for a relaxed, romantic, floaty outfit, that is perfect for a date night, meal at a restaurant or even a night out. I chose the playsuit (£15) mainly because I love playsuits and the pattern is very soft and feminine, it almost has a romantic, parisian feel to it. Next I decided on some jewellery and i went for the curve spike necklace (£10) as I felt the neck area was open so this necklace would be a statement piece and sit on the collar bone. The third and final item is the tan wedged boots (£25) to add height, I went for a tan colour because i thought black might be too harsh on the outfit and becuase the playsuit is light and soft colours, the tan worked best to keep the outfit very feminine. 

Overall the outfit came to £50. 
Its fantastic just what you can do with £50!!


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