Nail Art Tutorial: Dots

Monday, 24 September 2012

Similar to the Candy Nail Art last week, this is such a cute and simple way to dabble in nail art if you are new or just find nail art difficult. It takes little effort and is very quick, but really helps transform plain nails. I have designed a "L" shape pattern but you can easily use this method to create and design using dots (full dotty nail or flowers).

Firstly what you'll need is; 
  • 2x nail colours of your choice, I have gone with Rimmel London 415 Instyle Coral and my White Nubar nail art polish.
  • 1x pin that has a flat head (i found my in the sewing basket at home). You can also buy nail dotting tolls on ebay but i found this method works well and it was something I already had at home. 

  1. Paint your nails of your preferred base colour, leave to dry completely. 
  2. Once dry take your pin and second colour, dab some colour onto the pin and stamp onto the nail (I have made a "L" shape pattern), reapplying colour when needed. 
  3. To finish off the colour apply base coat to seal.
Hope you have found this tutorial helpful. 
I hope hoping to show you some more nail art tutorials, let me know of some designs you might like to see. (Nothing extremely difficult, i'm not a pro!)


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