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Monday, 10 December 2012

We have a camera on us every single day, in the form of our phones. So we are always capturing our everyday life and the majority of us share these snippets of our life with the social world. I don't know about you but these days I rarely print my photos, which is such a shame. I have photos albums full of photos from me as a baby till 12-13, then the albums became less frequent. Now they are stored on discs, memory sticks, my phone and instagram. We tend to post and share our photos through the world of social media rather than having a physical snap.

I've made a promise to myself to print out more photos because photos are precious and really do tell the story of your life. So on this mission I have been on the look out for printing my photos slightly different. That is when I came across Printsagram. Printsagram allows you to print your photos through instagram, you can select to print your photos in a variety of different forms.
Squares - $12 for 24 4x4 squares or 48 2.5x2.5
Mini Books - $10 for 2 books of 100 photos of 2 books of the same 50 photos
Stickers - $10 for a book of 252 mini stickers
Calendar - $40 for 365 photos (These would make great gifts)
Posters - $25-35
I opted to print out 2.5x2.5 mini squares and a mini book. I ordered on a Monday and it was delivered the following Tuesday, which is fantastic for international delivery. I am most impressed with the quality, the squares are printed on high quality card and with a matt finish, the mini books are printed with a glossy finish, back to back on cardstock in a sprial bound book.

There is a number of way to use the photo squares, I used my photos to create a memory frame. I arranged my photos from my Harry Potter tour inside a Ikea ribba frame, they are set out like a collage and I think it looks very effective and eye catching. I personally like the idea of these squares inside a frame because that way you can have multiple photos on display, instead of having to chose your favourite three photos to put on display. This also make a great unique gift to give someone.
So honestly if your thinking of printing off your instagram photos or you want something different for your photos then chose Printsagram. As I have mentioned is fast delivery and made of high quality, the people that work there seem pleasant and willing to help but that is not just what is great. The price is fantastic and will not break the bank, the prices range from $10-40 with $12 international delivery.

Last order before Christmas is 17th December so if you want in time for Christmas or a gift for someone, order now!

This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share my joy over such a great service.


  1. Oh wow!! This looks amazing, I always love making collages from my instagram photos and putting them on my blog but I've never thought to get them printed out too. It would've made the perfect Christmas gift to someone too - shame I'm a bit late!!

    Lovely blog with some GREAT ideas on it hun, I'm a new follower :) x

    1. It's such a great idea as I rarely print off all the instagram photos I take. They really do make great gifts!
      Thanks for the follow, I've followed your back! x

  2. this is a really good idea! i'd never thought about this! x

  3. These are gorgeous, I to don't really print photos, I should really, I love walking into someone's house who has pictures everywhere xx


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