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Friday, 1 February 2013

I am not one for all the Valentines Day excitement, partly because I'm a singleton (but by no means sad and lonely...thanks you) and secondly it is all a bit pointless, you have to agree with that one. However I am a bit of a sucker for pretty and different occasion cards. I think a good card is major bonus points so I thought I would share my pick of fun and unique Valentines Cards to send to those you love.
1: The Effing Card Company "I Effing Love You" £2.50 - Cheeky and flirtatious card, perfect for those foul mouths and the best part is The Effing Card Company will even hand write and send the send for you, so it saves you a job. 
2: Rosie Wonders Flora Valentines Card £3.50 - A beautiful flora heart vintage style design
3: Rosie Wonders Beaded Love Cards £3.50 - A romantic illustrated beaded heart card. 
4: Katievaz I'm so glad you asked for my number £2.28 - I love the simplicity and realness to this card.
5: RowHouse14 Not so secret admirer £2.77 - For all those in long relationships.
6: RedPaperLetterCo Your Just My Type £2.61 - Again I love the simplicity of the colours and font. 
These cards are all online so postage costs may apply and order with enough time for delivery!

Please do remember though that love is daily and not just for Valentines Day ha.


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  1. I like the little bird/chick card - that's pretty cute! xxx


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