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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

So the news broke last week that Google Reader was going bye bye at the end of July. As you can imagine this set uproar and chaos on twitter amongst us bloggers. Thinking how am I going to keep up with all my favourite blogs? Is the most common thought, and because most of us bloggers are using blogspot we solely relied on google reader and Google Friend Connect, that we probably didn't venture any other the other blog network.

Two that I am aware of and members of are; Bloglovin and Hello Cotton. They are both brilliant places to follow and read all your favourite blogs.

Bloglovin allows you to import all the blogs you are subscribed to from GFC in one simple step. I encourage you do become a member of bloglovin and import you contacts so you don't miss out on your favourite blogs and also encourage others so they don't miss out on your blog.

I have already imported my contact on bloglovin, So to all my readers and subscribers please add my blog on bloglovin please.

NOTE: You may notice my blog has had a little makeover, i have started designing blog layouts and headers again, click here to find out more details or email me to discuss choices. 

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