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Monday, 8 April 2013

A couple of weeks ago I was feeling quite shocking and my energy levels were very low, despite recieving sufficient sleep. Whilst feeling like this I received a newsletter email from Latest In Beauty about a Beauty From Within box they were offering for £8, this box caught my eye because of the way I had been feeling and it seemed to target the symptoms I was suffering from eg. Fatigue, unmotivated. Now I have to say I don't usually take any supplements, I don't even like to take paracetamol unless I am in considerable pain, I prefer to get my vitamins naturally but I decided to bite the bullet and order a box to try. 

Inside the box you receive;
Pure GOLD COLLAGE (50ml)
Pure GOLD COLLAGE is the new anti-ageing liquid food supplement which perfects the skin's appearance from the inside, counteracting the ageing process where it beings, deep within the layers of your skin.

Total Green Tea Extract (60 Tablets)
Green Tea is a naturally occurring and highly effective antioxidant that has been used in Chinese herbal medicine for thousands of years. Reducing free radical activity in the body can have an extremely 
positive effect on healthy ageing, immune function and other important bodily functions.

Femergy Original (60 Capsules)
Femergy™ Original was created for today's busy lifestyles and works to increase energy and vitality through ingredients which are proven to enhance the body's metabolism and reduce temporary feelings of tiredness.

Teapigs Peppermint Tea
Peppermint is great for soothing sore tummies and helping us to keep a healthy digestive systems. Because we use whole peppermint leaves, you’ll find the flavour of this blend much stronger and fresher than regular dusty paper teabags.

Sun Chorella A (15 Tablets)
Sun Chlorella "A" is a natural whole food, free from synthetic ingredients allowing the body to maximise its health benefits.

Lizi's Granola (40g)
Lizi's Granola is a naturally indulgent toasted cereal which is perfectly measured for slow energy release, keeping you much fuller for longer. What better reason do you need for indulging in a little luxury for breakfast? Comes in a variety of flavours.

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