Gibraltar 2013

Sunday, 6 October 2013

I believe it is Morocco that you can see in the distance.

View of the Rock of Gibraltar and The Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque. 

View looking down on Gibraltar from half way up the Rock of Gibraltar. Note the airport runway, it is short with a abrupt ending into the sea which makes for difficult take off and landing. There is also a road that intersects with the runway. 
The Rock Apes are free to wander around be I would approach them with caution as they are wild. Also you are told not to have any visual food open around them as they will try and attack you for it, which I witness and it was both hilarious and frightening. The third ape photo shows a Ape eating a stolen twix bar.
Inside St. Michael's Cave which is visually beautiful, it was prepared as a emergency hospital during Second World War but now used as a tourist attraction and for concerts. 

Tips when going to Gibraltar.
Book a tour for the Rock of Gibraltar, travelling up on a minibus is much easier and quicker that walking up, especially in warmer season.
Be cautious around the Rock Apes, they appear out of no where.
If you're British it is cheaper to pay in Pounds than Euros.
Don't forget your passport if you are travelling in to Gibraltar from Spain as you need it to enter.

You can read about my trip to Spain here.
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