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Monday, 4 November 2013

I recently made little a purchase on fragrance direct for some makeup. Fragrance is a great online store that sells discounted makeup, skin care and fragrance. You'll be sure to always pick up a bargain. 
Here's what I bought;

This is a BB Cream Foundation that claims to have seven miracle virtues, Unify, smooth, boost radiance, correct, 8 hour moisture, re balance and protect. From my use I believe it to do four of the seven, which isn't bad. It definitely makes the skin re-balance and correct skin tone, it also helps smooth out skin and boost radiance. I wouldn't say it provided 8 hour moisture and I'm not too sure how you know foundation is protecting your skin, so I can't really comment on that. Overall a good foundation that offers medium coverage to the skin.
Just a standard pressed powder that helps set foundation and reduce shine. It does what it is supposed to do, so overall I'm happy with it.
This mascara claims to be a all in one that lengths and curls lashes giving a clump free finish. I have noticed that this mascara does make lashes appear longer and clump free, however I can not say that my lashes seemed to curl. But overall a very promising and natural mascara, perfect for daytime.
Skin glow foundation offers a light coverage but very moisturising for a luminous glow finish. This gesture is very light and I would only wear this on a good skin day or a lazy day where I have to look slightly presentable. It provides the skin with a dewy healthy finish but you can apply powder over to cancel that out if you prefer. Overall a lovely foundation is you are looking for a light coverage only! 
Maybelline Colour Popsticks are said to offer juicy, sheer shades from fruity coloured, high clarity pigments. This lipstick is juicy and does provide a shine to the lips, however that is all it does. It makes the lips shiny, like a clear gloss, but without the stickyness a lipgloss provides. The Citrus Slice offers no colour to the lips, much to my disappointment. The plus is that lipstick/gloss smells amazing, really juicy and fruity. The smells reminds me of a lollipop and instantly brings me back to my childhood. 
This concealer is from the Dainty Doll range with offer make up to pale skin tones, I'm slightly pale so I thought I'd give it a try. Now first impression is that is conceals ok, nothing amazing, just average. The texture is light and allows for a smooth and easy application, so that is always good. However I found that it wore off a little quickly on me, so re application is needed half way through the day. But that could just be because of my stubborn black rings. 
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