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Monday, 11 November 2013

Revlon Lip Butters launched in 2011-12 and every beauty blogger when crazy buying all shades. Now when that happens I tend to stay clear, there's just something unattractive about over hyped products. However since the colder months are entering, I can feel my lips drying out and its not a good look especially when wearing lipstick the colour tends to stick in the cracks and look crusty. Not pleasant at all. 

So I've been wanting a lip colour that is pigmented enough to wear for night but moisturising enough. I caved and ended up buying a Revlon Lip Butter as it claims to be a "buttery balm with a shiny colour finish to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips." Now how true is that statement? Well... it's a pretty accurate description, lips do feel hydrated and smooth whilst wearing and after the colour has worn off. 

I purchased the lovely and delicious shade Sorbet, it is a bright fuchsia shade and it is perfectly pigmented with enough moisture and shine. I'd class these as a mix between a lipstick, lip balm and a lipgloss. Best of both worlds! The pigmentation is on par with a lipstick and no colour is sacrificed for the balm aspect. Due to the moisturising aspect the staying power of the colour is not as long as lipsticks but you can get 2-3 hours wear out of it, excluding drinking and eating. 

I have to mention the packaging is very adorable and I know we shouldn't "judge a book by its cover" but cute packaging is always a plus and a attraction. The casing has a quilted design which reminds me of classic Chanel and the colour of the lip butter matches the lid, which makes it easy to identify in your make-up bag. 

The lip butters cost £7.99 each which is a fairly standard price but Boots and Superdrug regularly run 3 for 2 offers.  

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