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Friday, 25 April 2014


Today's post is how to style a shirt for three different occasions to show the versatility in an outfit, and to hopefully inspire you to mix up your wardrobe and make the most of what you own. 
The item I am styling is the black & white heart explosion slim fitted shirt* this is a lovely fitted shirt with a white rounded collar and cuffs. I have to say that I love this shirt and the fitted style as I am quite a straight up and down shape and this shirt really pulls in at the waist to create curves and a more feminine shape. The fabric is lovely, soft, breathable and easy to move in which is a plus as shirts can sometimes be quite stiff.
Outfit One: Workwear  
Here I have styled the shirt for a work day and I have teamed the shirt with a grey high waist flared skirt to keep the outfit bright as it can be easy to pair with black which I think can be quite dreary. The flared style compliments the fitted shirt to create a smart but feminine style. The shoes have a medium heel to add some height to the outfit but not uncomfortable that your work suffers.   

Outfit Two: Casual Day Shopping
The second outfit is a easy relaxed casual outfit that would be suitable for a shopping trip. Here I teamed the shirt with my burgundy leigh skinny jeans as they flatter the slim fit of the shirt. I matched the jeans with my quilted burgundy bag. I layered a statement necklace to add dimension to the outfit but I stayed with a simple gold necklace because the shirt is detailed enough. On the feet I am wearing cut open gold buckle boots which are comfortable yet stylish. 

Outfit Three: Night Out
So for a night out I have tucked the shirt into my favourite faux leather shorts, this already adds a touch of glamour and grunge to the outfit. On the feet I have gone for some very high faux suede heels to add height and glamour, killer heels are a must for a night out! I have unbuttoned the top button on the shirt for a more relaxed feel and layered with two gold necklaces to add sparkle. You can add a leather jacket to the outfit for warmth. 

*Shirt was sent to me by Hawes & Curtis to style.


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