So it's that time of the year where the sun is out, flowers are blooming and I have itchy, swollen eyes and a tissue attached to my nose. Yes it's hayfever season. 

I have suffered from hayfever since childhood and it has always caused me problems especially in school, specifically because it is also exam time. I'm the person in the exam hall that has a desk full of tissues and is constantly sniffing, sorry guys!
I once read that hayfever sufferers usually drop a grade during summer exam and I fully agree with that. 
Hayfever can really affect your mood as you feel agitated, your concentration is minimal and all your energy is zapped from you.

Common symptoms include;
  • sneezing
  • a runny nose
  • itchy eyes
  • I use to suffer from nose bleeds, mainly during the night, however they have thankfully stopped two years ago. 

These symptoms are caused by an allergic reaction to pollen, which is a fine powder released by plants. There are three types of pollen you can have an allergy to;
  • tree pollen, released during spring,
  • grass pollen, released during the end of spring and beginning of summer,
  • weed pollen, released any time from early spring to late autumn
As mentioned, I have been a sufferer for many years and whilst I still get swollen itchy eyes, runny nose etc. I have found some methods to coping so that I can enjoy the Great British Summer outdoors and not sit inside. 
1: Water - I find that having a bottle of water on me and drinking it throughout the day helps relieve the itchy feeling in my throat. 
2: Antihistamine - There are many of over the counter hayfever tablets out there, however I take prescribed tablets "Certirizine Hydrochloride" that I do find to be slightly useful in reliving some symptoms. 
3: Allergie Block Balm - A balm that you apply around nostrils and upper lip. It creates a barrier that blocks allergens on contact before they enter the nose. I have only recently purchased this and have found it to work effectively. 
4: Prevalin Nasal Spray - I'm not a big fan of nasal sprays as I have previously had a bad experience but I find prevalin to work wonders. Multiple chemists recommended this product to me. You shake the spray to active the fluid and once dispersed into the nostril it sets as a gel to again block allergen contact. I must mention that it has a lovely menthol scent.
5: Suglasses - A must have item to act as a barrier from pollen and to hide my watery eyes. 
6: Chewing Gum - A rather strange item but I have found that chewing on gum has help ease my itchy throat.
7: Tissues - Self explanatory really.

Please note these are just my tips on coping and not a solution to cure your hayfever.
If you suffer what are your coping methods?

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