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Monday, 27 October 2014 

My style is simple with certain eye catching accessories that tie an outfit together, I used this principle for the theme of how I would reflect my style onto my living space, hosted by Modani Modern Furniture.

The base piece for the living room is the Bergamo Grey sofa, it is a social sofa and perfect for movie nights in, which its handy storage compartment suitable for holding the snacks. It is a neutral colour which allows changes to be made easily.  

I thrown in some Grey and Yellow patterned cushions to add colour to the sofa, it is also easy to change the colour of the cushions in the future depending on seasons to provide a different look and feel to the room. A little similar to a Little Black Dress, it is a staple wardrobe item that lasts through the seasons as the accessories make the outfit come alive and look different.

The rest of the accessories in the room are of a silver/white scheme and this is to fit the clean and minimalistic approach I take in my style.

I adore the stacked suitcases as storage boxes, it is unique and you can storage magazines and DVDs easily and stylishly.  

How does your style reflect your living space?

Have a browse at their Modern Furniture Stores.

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