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Saturday, 14 March 2015


I've pulled out my graduation photo for this post and aww look at the happy graduate Kelly in the photo. 
University is a scary process, what do you study? where will you study? There is so many questions and it can all become quite overwhelming and the difference between choosing the right place, is liking and completing your degree. I personally had no idea about university, it was a new and confusing concept to me being the first person in my family to go university so I didn't have any knowledge or have any family members to question.

I completed my degree at the University of Chester and whilst I enjoyed it there and my course, I do feel that if I had more guidance options I might have made a different choice as I only looked at four universities, which isn't many. So I have complied a list of useful information that I learnt through choosing my university.

The Right Course: Picking the course is probably the most import aspect in choosing your university because if you don't like your course, you are probably not going to be happy. Research into the subject topic areas as courses vary uni to uni even though they have the same name.
Look into what options the degree will give you job wise as not all jobs are a certain just because you have a degree. 
I studied Psychology and I chose it because I was interested in the subject and there are numerous routes you can take. You also learn a number of valuable and useful transferable skills due to the wide spectrum of topics that the subject covers.

Location: Location is the second important factor. Do you want to be close to home or further a field? Think about the town or city and will you enjoy it there? Is there things to do outside of university? You'll be spending the next three to four years there and you want it to feel like home. Not all courses are offered by every university so if you are looking at a specific course it will probably narrow down your location choices.
I chose Chester and Chester University because it was close to home but still a good distance away. I liked that it was a small city which history and lots to explore. The campus was small and all together so that I was not trekking around to get to lectures, instead everything was within distance and 10 minutes max to walk into the town.

Open Days: Make time to visit open days to see potential universities as this does give you the opportunity the explore the campus, accommodation, speak to lecturers about the course and if it's the best route for you. Speak to current students and find their opinion on the university, ask they why the chose it? would they recommend it? 

Student Life: This might not seem too important as the priority is to work hard and get a degree however all hardwork must be rewarded with fun. So take a look at what there is for students to take part in such as societies and night life.

Use The Internet: It is difficult to know what university is like so research online, use forums to speak to people and look at university tables. The Complete University Guide is a useful and valuable website.  St Mary's University have launch a "Be Part Of It" campaign where they have created videos around different areas of choosing university, which I think is a fantastic and valuable tool of prospective students looking into going to university to watch. 
You can find all the information and videos from the "Be Part Of It" campaign down below. 


Finally take your time and do not rush when making the decision.

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  1. This is a great idea for a blog post, particularly as I've no doubt university is playing on many people's minds as the year progresses towards term start-time! Personally, I chose not to go to university, but mainly due to knowing the option is always there for the future if I change my mind! :) Have a lovely week, Kelly!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice



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