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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Making time for yourself is one of the most overlooked and undervalued priorities we are notoriously terrible at. We often spend vast amounts of our time fussing over others, or in the 'doing' phase. I mean, when we aren't getting ready for school, work or college. We're cooking food, sending emails, texting our friends or planning for the future. All of which is great. We need all of these elements to continue enjoying a healthy work life balance. But, I can't help but notice time and again how sometimes we overlook the importance of making time for yourself. Maybe it's that Tuesday afternoon where instead of spending several hours tucked behind our laptops in the evening endlessly searching google or on YouTube, on that particular Tuesday afternoon every other week, you dedicate that time to you. Enjoying your own company, reading a book or even starting a hobby can be profoundly rewarding and help improve your concentration, self-esteem and provide a real boost to your confidence. Here are some quick ideas on things to try when you want to make some time for you.
  1. Listen to your favourite album -  for me its the Spice Girls (No one said it has to be current!)
  2. Go for a leisurely walk in the park - soak up the beautiful spring weather and enjoy the fresh air.
  3. Read a couple of chapters of your favourite book - I know right... books! Yep, put down that Laptop and pick up paper!!
  4. Start a hobby - whatever takes your fancy. Knitting, crotchet, painting. You've always wanted to do it, now's the time.
  5. Take up meditation - literally 10-15 minutes a day can make all the difference and help you find your zen.
Hope you found this useful and as always would love to here your comments and suggestions on how you take care of yourself and things you enjoying doing in your me time. Check out her blog here for other great articles.

Article by Liz O, Doctor and Lifestyle Blogger at Find her blog here or connect on twitter and Instagram.

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