5 Yoga Tips For Beginners

Friday, 11 November 2016

I have been practicing yoga for around 5 years and I am by no means a professional or able to twist myself into a knot, in fact I still can not touch my toes. 

So if you're thinking of taking a yoga class, I have complied five useful tips to help all beginners going to their first yoga class. 

1. Let go of the comparison

Yoga is about you and your progression, how you see and feel your body. Nobody is looking at you, trust me. 

2. Wear comfortable clothes

There is nothing worse than pulling with bottoms up or constantly fixing a loose strap. In yoga you are going to be holding yourself in positions so you need good fitting, comfortable clothes. It makes a massive difference to your flow.

3. Breathe

This is so so important and I am guilty of not doing it sometimes, especially in new poses I find uncomfortable. Breathing makes a huge difference to how far you can reach or how long you can hold. 

4. Give it Time

You are not going to be good after one class, yoga is hard work and requires patience. 

5. Have Fun

Most importantly enjoy yourself, yoga is a workout but it doesn't mean you can't have fun. Some of the poses can be completely ridiculous and you can look a fool to people outside watching. So grab your girls (or guys) and embrace it.


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