Day 18: Your Brightest Lipstick

Friday, 18 May 2012

Day 18: Your Brightest Lipstick
These are the two brightest lipstick I own but they are not worn an awful lot. Topshop, Rio Rio which is a bright red with a orange tint and MUA shade 13 which again is a bright red but with a more pink tone to it.

I have brown hair and blue eyes, so a lot of people tell me I should wear red light stick as it compliments well but I am not a huge fan of bright lipstick. I think it is too bold and daring for me. I am definitely not confident enough to wear should a statement colour. I much prefer pinks, gloss or tinted lip balms and if I do wear one of the reds, I only wear a light layer.
Maybe one day these lipsticks will be worn a lot more.

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