Day 28: Something everyone has now

Monday, 28 May 2012

Something everyone has now:
Ugg Boots
I know a lot of people who really hate Uggs and yes they can look ugly, I used to dislike them and swore I would never get a pair. But I wore my sisters once and oh my were they comfy, it was like walking on clouds, not that I've done that to compare but you know what I mean. They are perfect to wear in winter months to keep your feet all warm and snug or if you have been wearing high or uncomfortable shoes all day then slipping into Uggs at the end of the end is heaven.
However despite knowing many people who dislike Uggs, I know a lot more people who own Uggs and it seems like every girl (and some males) have them nowadays (I'm not convinced about male Uggs though, now they are really ugly).

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