Etsy Fabulous Finds #2

Friday, 28 September 2012

I have had this post in my drafts for so long, kept forgetting to post it.

When I am looking for something more unique and not something that can be easily found in any shop or online store, i always go to Etsy. It is the best website for the most splendid gifts, i could spend hours on the website. 

Anyway I was on Esty searching for laptop cases and came across this delightful seller, Pink Oasis. They sell some fantastic Laptop, iPad and Kindle cases that are beautiful and have pockets that can store phones and headphones. However the case that caught my attention the most was the combined Laptop and iPad case, I have a Macbook and a iPad and although its unusual that I carry both around with me, it is nice to know that there is that option out there. 
The cases are handmade and all display wonderful unique pattern designs and are padded to protect your laptop, iPad of kindle and fastens with a elastic string and button closure. 

Price = 
Laptop Case = about £20
iPad Case = about £15
Kindle Case = about £10
Postage = £5

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