Haul # 1: Primark and H&M

Monday, 12 November 2012

Hello all, I have a haul for you today. I did a little shopping in H&M and Primark recently and I thought I would share my purchases with you.

Mint Green Cable Knit Jumper £14.99

Salmon crop Jumper £12.99
( I bought this jumper in a size 10 UK, even though I am a small size 8 because the jumper looked to be a cropped style and I wanted it to be slightly loose and sloughy looking)

Burgandy Check PJ Bottons £7
Burgandy Vest £3
Cosy Sicks 2 Pack £2
Cotton Sock 2 Pack £2.50
Cotton Sock 5 Pack £2.50
Cream Bobble Hat £3
Khaki slouchy long sleeve £6
Blue High Waisted Shorts £5
Burgandy Shorts £5

I really enjoy buying my winter accessories from Primark as they have some great item a fantastic prices, however over the past few years I have noticed the price increasing specifically on the jumpers. Therefore I decided to look else where for jumpers and found a fantastic selection in H&M and the price is similar to Primark but I feel the quality is slightly better. 

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