The Perfect Bracelet Storage Solution

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Finding the right storage for your jewellery can be difficult and for years I had a lot of my bracelets stored in boxes and it was impossible to remember where they were or what I actually had. This resulted in my buying the same item or never wearing jewellery because I couldn't find it. 
3 Tier Bangle Watch Bracelet / £4.49 / p&p £2.49
I found this perfect and affordable jewellery stand from ebay to display my bracelets and watches and I think it is perfect and by having them out on display. I can see what I have and can accessorise outfits easily. The only problem I have with this stand is that I have tiny wrists and a lot of my watches have to have plenty of links taken out and because of this some of my watches and custom bracelets do not fit on the stand properly, as you can see the bottom three watches are just hanging over the barrel. 

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