Travel Supermarket World Wide Wardrobe Competition

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Travel Supermarket are running a fabulous competition to put together five outfits to wear in five different destinations with a budget of £200 per outfit. 

The five locations are;
Cocktails In NewYork
Sightseeing in Paris
Shopping in London
Full Moon Party in Thailand
Clubbing in Ibiza

You can find the details on the competition here, but hurry as it closes tomorrow 5th June 2013.


Motel romper jumpsuit £26/ Next Beaded Clutch Bag £35 / Next Black studded wedges £35 / Rimmel Cocktail Colour £3.99  / Stila Lip Stain in Acai £16 / Topshop Necklace £14 
TOTAL- £99.99

I love Playsuits as they are a good alternative for a dress and give a slightly more casual style to an outfit. This Motel Playsuit is perfect for cocktails, it is a black to white ombre style which is a good alternate to the little black dress. I teamed this up with matching embellished Wedges and Clutch, just for consistency and add glamour to the outfit because after all cocktails in New York is a glamourous thing to do. Due to the boots and bag being detailed I have kept the jewellery to a minimum and just went for a statement necklace, this necklace will sit just on the chest and it helps break up the playsuit. For lips and nails i decided to go for the similar colour, again just to add some consistency to the look. On the nails I have chosen Rimmels Cocktails Colour in Baby Bellini and Stila Lip Stain in Acai, both are deep shade of red. I chose a lip stain because it is more suitable to wear as drinking will be occurring and you want your lip colour to last and not have to reapply throughout the night. 


Missguided Mesh Panel Top £20 / H&M Skinny Orange Jeans £19.99 / New Look cowboy style boots £25 / ALDO studded tote, £60 / Zara scarf, £33 / Jeepers Peepers black sunglasses, £18 / Barry M gel nail polish £3.99
TOTAL = £146.98

Paris the home of macarrons, crosiants, romance and the Eiffel tower. This outfit is based on sightseeing in Paris  during the spring/summer time. I have chosen soft pastel colours, almost to give a romantic feel to the outfit. First is a Missguided sheer panel top teamed with orange H&M skinny jeans, these two pieces provide the base.  Next up is some New Look cowboy style boots, this gives the outfit a little bit of height and sophiscation but without making the shoes uncomfortable becuase sightseing involves walking and suitable shoes are needed. Now on to the layers, a Zara scarf adds some detail to the outfit and incorporates a few more pastel colours. A ALDO studded tote, looks designers and very classy and put on Jeepers Peepers sunglasses to protect the eyes during the day and to add a instant cool appeal. Lastly Barry M Gel Nail Polish in Lilac. 


ASOS floral jacket, £35 / Topshop skinny fit jeans, £38 / ASOS Raincoat £50 / Vans lace up shoes, £47 / ASOS satchel bag, £28 
TOTAL = £198.00

London to me is edgy and stylish, this outfit is based on a afternoon shopping on Oxford Street, therefore the ouftit needs to be comfy and stylish. ASOS floral jacket teamed with Topshop Leigh Acid Wash Jeans instantly provides that edgy London look. For footware I have chosen some light blue Vans as these provide comfort for lots of walking. I have added a raincoat to the outfit because British weather is unpredictable and it is essential to be prepared for the rain and this lightweight raincoat is perfect. The ASOS satchel is the perfect bag as it has a short and long handle which makes it easy to carry through the busy and crowded street. 


Boohoo Knit sweater, £26 / ASOS halter swimwear £14-£16 / ASOS tye dye shorts, £28 / Boohoo Ankle strap shoes, £18 / Orelia Feather and Suede Hair Clip £20 / Dr Bronner s lip treatment £2.70 / Nails Inc Trend Shades £11
TOTAL = £135.70

I have based this outfit on the travelling photos I have seen on friends facebook profiles. Thailand seems hot and the full moon party seems even hotter, bordering onto sweaty. So with this in mind a bikini is to be worn, ASOS tye dye shorts seems perfect teamed with the boohoo Crochet top. The contrast in pattern and texture blends well. Ankle strap sandals seem to be a sensible choice, as they are light and secure.
Dr Bronners Lip Treatment is needed for the lips to keep them hydrated during the heat with Nail inc Nail Polish Chelsea Physic Gardens, this is such a lovely bright colour suitable for tanned skin and matches the shorts. In the hair to add that travelling/holiday vibe I have chosen a braided feather hair clip in, it just adds a fun and carefree feeling to the outfit.

Missguided Mint green top £18.99 / Vero Moda Floral Track Shorts £14 / Dune woven leather sandals £30 / Crown and Glory Hair accessory £8 / Burt's Bees Lip treatment £5.10 / Models Own Hed kandi Beach Party £2.50
TOTAL = £78.59

 It's going to be hot and so the outfit needs to be simple, light yet stylish. To start off I have chosen a mint green floaty crop top teamed with floral print shorts. The colours work well together and it is a fun outfit for a night in Ibiza. On the feet I would wear these gold leather sandals because you just need to be comfy and heals in a busy and hot place does not work well. In terms off accessories I have only chosen a floral hair clip, this is simple and adds a holiday vibe to the outfit. On the lips a tinted lip balm in pink blossom is perfect add it adds colour but also moisturisers the lips which is needed when you have been out in the sun. Lastly is the perfect and final piece that pulls the outfit together and it is Bright Orange nail varnish. This is Models Own Hed Kandi range in Beach party and it is designed with Ibiza in mind so it is perfect to wear in Ibiza. 
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  1. Love all of these outfits, Kelly. This is the only entry I’ve seen with flats for Ibiza! When I’m in Ibiza I am anti heels and anti clutch and definitely anti bodycon – like you say it’s waaaaay too hot. I am all about floaty things, gladiator sandals and the I-haven’t-tried-too-hard (but secretly have) kind of look. Really love your outfit. Good luck :-)

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    1. Thank you for your kind comment!
      Flats all the way, oh and yes definitely anti bodycon. x


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