Estee Lauder 5 Pure Colour High Gloss Minis

Sunday, 28 July 2013

I have been a terrible blogger as I have been meaning to blog about the Estee Laudee Mini Lip Gloss since I received them in December. Sorry about that!
The Estee Laudee pack is a travel edition and was purchased in an airport in Germany (I think) by my parents. In the pack you receive 5 lip glosses, all different shades to suit different occasions and they are a suitable handbag/clutch size making it easier to carry them around for quick touch ups...perfect! 

Swatches of the shades in the pack

01 Clear. This is just a simple clear gloss, looks great on its own or over a lip stick. 
02 Bare Glow. This is a more nude golden shade that provides a subtle sheen on the lips. 
06 Coral Chic. A pink coral with added shimmers, a great day wear lip gloss.
07 Flashdance. A must brighter shade of pink that is vivid and eye catching. 
05 Vixen Plum. A dark deep purple shade that is true to its name. Perfect lipgloss for night makeup or when you want a more seductive vampy style. 
All these lip glosses last well, they are not perfect and do wear off but for a lip gloss they wear well. The texture is thick but smooth and most definitely not gloopy or sticky which I hate. 
I know lip gloss is not for everyone and most people do prefer lip stick but I do recommend these lip glosses if you're after that glossy look.
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