Tips on Surviving your First Year of University

Saturday, 14 September 2013

It's that time of year again where thousands are off to university to learn independence, stay up all night, drink copious amounts of cheap alcohol and try to gain a degree. Not all who start university stay and finish, it can be difficult and lonely but also the best time of your life meeting live long friends and your future partner. 
So i've complied a few hints and tips to surviving your first year. 
1. On moving day keep your door open, this will allow you to meet your fellow house/hall mates and it encourages others to pop in. This is important especially once you're all moved in and your parents have left and realisation hits you. 
2. Bring a tin of chocolate/biscuits to pass out when you arrive. It is a great ice-breaker and a easy way to meet everyone in your house/flat/halls. 
3. It's ok to shed a few tears and feel homesick, don't be ashamed, it happens to us all it just hits us a different times.
4. Buy bright/funky cutlery and plates, as most will have standard plain and that tends to get mixed up and you will end up with 2 spoons and a bowl left at year end. 
5. Befriend second years who are doing the same course as they can give great tips and provide help.
6. Never book a new book, they tend to be expensive. Buy from older students (some unions run book events) or purchase an older edition. Also don't buy all the book on your reading lists, most are not needed but check the library for copies. 
7. Buy a student cook book to ensure you eat well and eat a variety of meals as noodles and pasta are convenient but can become bland. 
8. Buy fruit and veg for the local markets as they tend to be cheaper. 
9. When making a meal make extra so you can fridge/freeze for other days. That way you can eat well but not have to cook everyday. 
10. Bulk buy birthday card (5 for £1 card factory) for when it someones birthday in your halls. They will appreciate the thought, especially being away from home. 
11. Join as many societies and clubs in freshers week, you will meet new people and if you find it's not for you, you are not obliged to attend. 
12. Get use to 3am fire alarms ffrom drunks burning toast after a night out, so keep a warm jacket to throw on when that happens, as your stood out in the cold for a while. 
13. Try not to blow all your student loan on the first 2 weeks, be sensible with it. 
14. The first term is tough, adaptation takes time so be patience and enjoy.
Good Luck to everyone starting university, I hope you have the best experience.  
University is what you make it!
Leave a comment below stating what you are studying and where. 
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