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Thursday, 8 January 2015

I am no expert on fitness but I have held a gym membership for over five years, attending at least twice a week. Therefore  I am fairly committed to the cause. It's a New Year and people get the motivation to join a gym but somehow loose that motivation after a couple of months. So I am going to give you me tips of how to stay committed to going to the gym, I am going to split this into two parts; The first part is gym gear!

What you wear is important to your commitment, focus and motivation. If you are wearing you old saggy joggers and a hoodie, you're not going to feel great and tend to slack. Therefore invest in some good quality gym gear and incorporate colour into your clothes somehow as wearing colour will enforce positivity making you more likely to working out. You don't have to turn up wearing head to toe neon orange but add subtle colour.

If you make the effort to go out and but good gym wear / trainers you will be more likely to want to wear and use them as you have invested in them. You do not have to spend a fortune on your clothing there is some reasonably priced gym clothes available in high street stores.

Below I have picked out some options as a good gym wear starter kit. 
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