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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

It's January and you have the sudden urge to "get fit" after the Christmas slump, so you join a gym but find it's difficult or boring to commit. So this is my hints and tips on how to stay motivated with your fitness routine. 

1. Find the right routine.
What is it that you want to achieve? Lose weight, tone up, strengthen etc? Once you have determined this you can find a suitable class for you, such as swimming, yoga, spinning, as it's not always about hitting the gym full force. As I mentioned in part one, I have had my gym membership for over five years and I have not stepped foot inside the gym, as that does not interest me. I am more into my classes and being around others to support. This leads me on to point number two.

2. Bring a friend
This is a must if you feel imitated by the gym and classes, if you have someone with you, you will feel more relaxed and willing to attend more. I know that this certainly helped for me. Then as you attend you'll get to know a few people and find out what classes they do and you can extend your fitness group pals. 

3. Attend regular
Get into a routine that is suitable for you and stick to it, I attend classes on a Wednesday and Thursday night and I try not to make plans for those days as I am unable to attend classes any other days. Having a good routine will increase the motivation and encourage you. 

4. Use your home/park
If you can't make it to a gym, not confident or don't want to shell out on high fees them the internet is your friend. You can find many fitness plans and videos online for free. I recommend Yoga With Adriene, POPSUGAR Fitness and blogilates.
Alternately using your local park is good, weather permitted. You can go round a light jog, run or a leisurely walk.

5. Don't over do it
Don't go mad and attend all classes and gym for hours everyday one week as you'll burn yourself out or cause an injury and not go back. I've seen many people do this!
One hour, Once a week is a good stating point and build from there. 
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  1. Thanks for your comment! I've just started going to the gym as of late last year haha so this post was of great interest to me :P xx

  2. Your welcome and hope the gym is going well! xx


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