Wednesday, 28 October 2015

One of my favourite nail looks is the matte nails. Matte nails just give off a cool and edgy vibe and they are certainly more eye-catching than a glossy nail look. I have so many compliments when wearing a matte nail and I especially love the matte black nail (and grey). Black nails are always a sleek look but pop on a matte top coat and you transform the look to a whole other level. 

You can buy matte nail varnishes however, I would advise just buying the matte top coat as you can turn any nail varnish into matte. You can also play around with the matte top coat and create really cool nail looks by leaving some part matte and others shiny. 
I'm thinking of showing some of my creations soon. 
For this black matte look, I used Nails Inc New York Noir which I got with Glamour Magazine and then Illamasqua Matte Top Coat. 
 photo kellysig.png

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