Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The skies are greyer, the days are shorter, darker and much colder, welcome to Autumn! 
I swap my bright nails for more muted and darker rich tones in the Autumn. Here I have selected a few (seven) of my favourite shades to wear during Autumn leading into Winter.

Loved By Sarah Lavoine - 501
This teal shade is such an all year round colour.

Makeup Revolution - Heaven's Above
A lovely transitional colour. A raspberry red colour, so not too bright that it is a summer colour but not quite a deep berry shade for winter yet. 

Makeup Revolution - Are you still available?
A smokey purple with a grey undertone. It is a lovely soft colour that I don't see many people wearing and they should!

Nails Inc - Colville Mews
This is just your classic nude colour, a soft delicate nude shade with a hint of brown which I find more suitable for the colder months and nudes with pink undertones for warmer months. 

Makeup Revolution - Flawless
A copper bronze shimmer shade that is a different twist on a nude nail and such an Autumn leave colour.

MAC - Mean & Green
A beautiful duo chrome polish with hints of purple, gold and green depending on the angle.

O.P.I - French quarter for your thoughts
A great medium grey shade with some blue undertones that looks fantastic on pale skin. 
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