24 Hours in Los Angeles

Friday, 14 October 2016 Los Angeles, CA, USA

I hopped off the plane at LAX ....

How many of you have that song in your head when arriving in LA? All of us I'm sure! That's probably why it became the theme song to our trip. 
We did not have long in LA but here is how we managed to squeeze the highlights into 24 hours....
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Staying: Miyako Hotel, Little Toyko, Downtown LA
Duration: 24 Hours

Must See Places: 

Dolby Theatre // Head down to the Dolby Theatre, home of the Oscars, for the easiest way to catch a photo of the Hollywood sign. Step outside the theatre onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame and walk for miles to try and spot the stars of Walt Disney, Britney Spears and Daniel Radcliffe.
Santa Monica Pier // Stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and gorgeous golden beach. The double jointed pier also contains a amusement park for endless fun. 
Venice Beach // Venice offers a vibrant and quirky vibe. With its famous boardwalk that houses specialty shops, street performers, artists you'll be entertained for hours. 

Spend the evening at:

Far Bar Little Tokyo // A really chill bar with an outdoor patio area that is ideal for gathering with friends for good food and a great selection of drinks.
Arts District Brewery // A loft style bar with an amazing selection of draft beer and completely decked out with games to keep you entertained through out the night. just be careful playing darts after a few drinks. 

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