The Best Selfie Phone Case

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Sometimes I struggle finding the right angle when taking a selfie, I know problems right!! I've come across the Tactus Smootch phone case that sticks to glass and mirrors - impressive! 
The Tactus Smootch is a beautiful designed case that helps protect your phone from knocks and scratches. It has mini micro suction which means it can be stick to glass or mirrors and it says there - no slipping. It leaves no marks or residue! 
It really does work and perfect for group photos. 
I find it great to stick on the shower screen (away from the water) so I can watch videos whilst in the bath. Perfect bath relaxation. 
The case comes in a range of beautiful colours which you can see on their website and for a reasonable price. 
This is the perfect gift or stocking filler for any tech savvy person or selfie lover. 
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