10 things to know about Iceland and Photo Diary

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Iceland, home of the Northern Lights, Blue Lagoon and unpredictable weather. 

Ever since I saw pictures of the Blue Lagoon and the Northern Lights I knew that Iceland was one for my travel list. I booked a solo tour (i'll make a post about doing them soon) last minute and made my way to Iceland. When I arrived it literally was the Land of Ice, all covered in white soft snow and very picturesque. 

Here's 8 Things to know about Iceland if you're thinking of heading.
1. Iceland is not for the budget traveller at all. A pint will set you back around £12.
2. Don't take a taxi from the airport. Book the flybus its 5000 ISK which is around £37. Book the flybus plus and it can take you to your hotel and pick up on departure too. It is reliable and it managed to pick me up and get me to the airport in the record breaking 52cm snow. So big thanks to them!!!!
3. Don't bother exchanging too much cash. You can use your card for nearly everything and it is actually encouraged. You might only need cash for tips, tolls etc. 
4. Alcohol cannot be found in supermarkets, it must be bought in a liquor store. It is however sold in bars, restaurants and cafes. Also note the drinking age is 20 in Iceland.
5. The water might smell like sulphur because of the geothermal energy but its totally safe to drink, just run the tap for a while. Therefore don't buy bottled water, just bring a refillable bottle and top it up. 
6. Plan but be open to change. The weather in Iceland is so unpredictable that plans change very last minute. Whilst I was in Iceland it was a snow storm with high winds and pelting rain, all excursions were called off. So plans had to change. Don't let it ruin the trip, this gave us chance to explore more of the city. 
7. Don't expect to see the Northern Lights. I went with the hope of being lucky to see them but as I mentioned the weather was bad and all trips were cancelled. If you do manage to spot them make sure you have a DSLR Camera as the lights can not be captured on a phone camera. 
8. Blue Lagoon is a must. Yes its probably overpriced and over crowded but no trip to Iceland is complete without a Blue Lagoon trip. One to tick off the Bucket List. Bring a go pro for epic photo footage.
9. Check out the impressive Harpa Building and Saga Museum (you can dress up as a Viking)
10. In summer Iceland has about 22 hours of daylight and little daylight in the winter so take the into consideration. 

Where is next on your travel list?

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