6 Reasons to go on a Contiki

Friday, 27 September 2019

1.     Great Value Travel
It can seem a lot to pay instantly but breaking it down you’re getting a lot of your cash. Transfer from city to city, some activities, meals, guide and decent hotels that would cost you more if you booked on your own.

2.     Expert Knowledge
Having a tour manager who really is the fountain of knowledge for the next few weeks. They’ll give you the best tips and advice on where and what to do. 

3.     All Planned out for you
All the little details are sorted so all you have to worry about is having fun and getting to the coach on time.

4.     Cool Excursions
You’ll be doing excursions that you never thought was possible. Helicopter over the Grand Canyon, Boat to get up close to the Niagra Falls, Hot Air Balloon over Arizona Desert.  

5.     Friends
You will be travelling with up to 50 new people, you’ll bond with these people instantly giving you friends for life. 

6.     New You
That travel bug bit hard and life will never been the same.   

Have you been on a Contiki before?

You can view all contiki trips here, I personally recommend Western Highlights and Canadian Encounter

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